When to claim Universal Credit or Pension Credit

Universal credit is a working age benefit and therefore customers who have not reached the qualifying age for Pension credit will claim Universal Credit from October 2013.

Under the current system where one member of a couple if over Pension Credit Age then the couple claim Pension Credit.  From October 2013 a couple where one is pension age and one working age they will claim Universal Credit as the working age partner will have to be available for work. 

By Pension Credit age we mean the age at which you are eligible to claim it, you do not have to be in receipt of Pension credit.  The age at which you can claim Pension Credit is increasing in line with the women’s State pension age.

If your partner is under Pension Credit age and you are over Pension Credit age you will not be able to claim Pension Credit.  In this case your partner will have to make a claim for Universal Credit. If you are already in receipt of Pension Credit then you will not be affected unless there is a break in your Pension Credit. 

To help you determine if you or your partner are Pension Credit age please check the list below. If you are both over Pension Credit age in October 2013 then you are entiteld to claim Pension Credit.  If one of you has not reached Pension Credit age in October 2013 then the younger partner will claim Universal Creditfor both of you.

Pension Credit age

 Date of Birth

 Date you are entitled to claim Pension credit

 6 November 1951 – 5 December 1951

 6 July 2013

 6 December 1951 – 5 January 1952

 6 September 2013

 6 January 1952 – 5 February 1952

 6 November 2013

 6 February 1952 – 5 March 1952

 6 January 2014

 6 March 1952 – 5 April 1952

 6 March 2014

 6 April 1952 – 5 May 1952

 6 May 2014

 6 May 1952 – 5 June 1952

 6 July 2014

 6 June 1952 – 5 July 1952

 6 September 2014

 6 July 1952 – 5 August 1952

 6 November 2014

 6 August 1952 – 5 September 1952

 6 January 2015

 6 September 1952 – 5 October 1952

 6 March 2015

 6 October 1952 – 5 November 1952

 6 May 2015

 6 November 1952 – 5 December 1952

 6 July 2015

 6 December 1952 – 5 January 1953

 6 September 2015

 6 January 1953 – 5 February 1953

 6 November 2015

 6 February 1953 – 5 March 1953

 6 January 2016

 6 March 1953 – 5 April 1953

 6 March 2016


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